Statement on Arrest of City Journalist

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Journalist Mr. Dickson Mubiru of Ono ye Bwiino News Publications which also runs the Grape Vine online Publications was today arrested by Police on allegations of criminal defamation.
A general inquiry file was opened at Kiira Division to investigate allegations that he defamed Mr. Hamis Kiggundu in his various publications.
Mr. Mubiru was informed about the allegations/charges and he agreed to settle the matter amicably with the complainant.
He met the complainant and the Detectives who were investigating the case. The complainant agreed that he would withdraw the case on the advice of Police.
The detectives advice that since the complainant made a statement at Police, Mr. Mubiru’s statement also be recorded.
Mr. Mubiru agreed to report to police but later changed his mind.
Police has been trying to trace for him until today when he was arrested.
The allegations that the reasons for his arrest is as a result of asking the president a question in the recent media engagement is not true.
Uganda Journalists Association should not drag the name of the president in Mr. Mubiru’s case.
Mr. Mubiru’s statement will be recorded and the file will be submitted to State Attorney for perusal and legal advice.

Patrick Onyango

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