Speak out on Sexual Gender Based Violence cases and Violence Against Children

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Members of the public have been urged to speak up whenever they are facing sexual gender based Violence and violence cases against children.
The call was made by D/SP Mugawe Rashida, the Deputy Sexual and Children Related Offences Department, (SGBV), CID Headquarters.
During a community outreach programme organized by a local NGO YOUTH INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (YIDO) in Kyebando Kampala, Mugawe noted that Violence against Children normally increases among such times as the lockdown.
“Any child who is a victim of violence can report to his/her parent or guardian, trusted person, local leaders, nearest police within their locality” she said.
She further urged Children to protect themselves against abusers by staying home, concentrate on reading their books, avoid talking to strangers, avoid moving during late hours or being in dark places and always respecting their parents and treat them as their friends to ease information sharing.
She urged the young people to desist from early engagement in any sexual behaviour, which results into early parenthood and un wanted pregnancies.
“We are developing Capacity building of our officers to equip them with knowledge and skills to be able to respond to any matter of SGBV within their policing area, investigation of reported crimes, sensitizing the public through broadcast and print media, to empower the community with information on how to safeguard themselves against any form of violence” she added.

The public is urged to report any cases of Sexual Based Violence and Violence against Children on Toll free line 0800199195

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