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The Directorate of ICT in close coordination with CID and Kakiri Territorial Police are actively investigating circumstances under which a section of the underground fibre cable network in Kakiri, Wakiso was damaged during a site clearance for construction works, by engineer Kyambade Eddy.

As a result, the robust underground cables for the CCTV zones in Kakiri, Wakiso, were damaged, thus disrupting the cable network of the CCTV, in Kakiri, Masuliita, Namayumba and Kikandwa.  In addition, the disruptions do affect the monitoring of security and safety of persons within the CCTV zone, thus affecting our response to emergency. Although our team of ICT experts are working on the restoration of the CCTV networks, we are getting more concerned, because this is the third incident, where our underground fibre networks are damaged, yet the protection zone is clearly marked on major roads, highways, towns and other localities.

We want to caution all road contractors to work closely with the Directorate of ICT, to ensure their plants and machinery operate in a manner which doesnot interfere with very critical government communication infrastructure.  The damage to the underground fibre cable network has serious financial consequences, in terms of restoration.  We are going to ensure heavy fines or costs of reinstating the fibre are felt by the construction company and further charge the driver for negligent conduct, which resulted in the damage of the fibre cable network.

We are also working with the KCCA, UNRA, all cities, municipalities and town councils to harmonize and reduce fibre cable damage.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

24th January 2022

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