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1.0 General Overview of the TIP Situation in the Country
On average, 15 new reports of transnational trafficking in persons are registered per month since January 2014. The majority of the victims are female adults and the most common forms of exploitation are Labour and sexual exploitation. The most common destination countries are Kuwait(29), Uganda(12), United Arab Emirates(06), India(05), South Africa(03), Hongkong(01), Turkey(01), Bahrain(01), Saudi Arabia(01), China(01). The most common means of recruitment is through deceptive promise for jobs abroad. In addition, 55 potential victims of trafficking have been intercepted at the various border exit/entry points on their way to some foreign countries for presumed good jobs. The victims rescued in Uganda were from Ghana(10) and South Sudan(2).

Table Showing Registered Reports of Transnational TIP Jan-May 2014
Registered Reports of Transnational Trafficking in Persons
adults Female
adults Male
children Female Children Total
Jan 2 13 – – 15
Feb 3 11 1 – 15
Mar 1 14 – 1 16
Apr – 13 – – 13
May 11 9 – – 20


2.0 Contributors’ to the Trafficking Reports

Over 80% of the reports transnational TIP registered are attributed to a chain of unlicenced individuals and Companies. Most of the work has been done through the internet and the victims are given false confidence by the individuals sending them out that the jobs are there. However when the victims reach the destinations they are either forced to do jobs which are not their intended choices, with very little pay and in most cases under very hard conditions or are turned into prostitutes. The most common culprits are Tour & Travel Companies, People who have ever worked abroad or have some relatives working there and some IT experts. On the other hand, there have been sme few reports where some Licenced Companies have been involved and when they are contacted by the victims for rescue, some of them have taken little bother to do so, contrary to the official regulations and guidelines of their business.
3.0 Sensitization Workshop for the Labour Recruitment Companies
Today’s Workshop has been organized by the National Task Force to develop corroborative strategies between the National Task Force on Prevention of TIP and the Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies to promote safe migration for Ugandans seeking for employments abroad. The discussion shall also include topics on the following: –
1. How the offence of trafficking in persons takes place; Status & Existing national interventions in Uganda
2. Acts and omissions by Labour recruitment companies that lead to TIP. Eg

 Recruitment based on un researched information about the actual terms and conditions of service of clients
 Inadequate or exaggerated briefing to clients
 Use of forged documents, i.e. Interpol letters, medical forms, recommendation letters; job contract documents; visas
 Failure to effectively monitor the working conditions of the clients working abroad
 Failure to respond to reports of mistreatment, abuse or exploitation of clients working abroad
 Failure to respond to calls for rescue of clients from continued mistreatment, abuse or exploitation

3. Responsibilities of Government Agencies and Labour Recruitment Agencies on implementation of the Regulations for Externalization of labour / Successes, Challenges & Recommendations

4. The way forward. Eg

• Officials of the Recruitment Companies to be cautious of the existence and dangers of TIP while transacting their businesses.
• Recruitment Companies to make sure that they crosscheck and confirm the working conditions of their respective clients in foreign countries before sending them.
• Recruitment Companies to involve members of the territorial Police and DISO’s Offices during the recruitment and briefing of their clients to make sure that the clients are fully briefed about the terms and conditions of service for the jobs abroad.
• Recruitment companies to take prompt action to assist clients who find themselves in situations of abuse and exploitation through forced labour or sexual acts.

Coordinator Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Task Force /MoIA
( / 0715 411 677)



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