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As you are all aware, the vigils and funeral activities, in memory of the Late Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, the former Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, are continuing this week, till Friday 8.04.2022, when the final burial will take place in Lalogi village, in Omoro district.  Our mission as the Joint Security Agencies, is to provide unique Protection, Security and Safety, during the entire stages of the state funeral.

So far, the ceremonial funeral activities have been successfully held, since the arrival of the body, on Friday 1.04.2022.  We continue to provide security and safety, at the home of the deceased in Muyenga until Monday, 4.04.2022.  On Tuesday, 5.04.2022, our task teams will further provide protection and security, as the body moves to Parliament, where the Rt. Hon, Speaker, will lead all Members of Parliament and Staff, in paying last respects to the former Speaker.  The body will lie in Parliament.

On Wednesday, 6.04.2022, at 8am, our teams will provide security, as the body is transported to the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds, for a State Funeral, where H.E. The President, and other Senior Government Official, MPs, Family Members and Leaders from the Acholi Sub-region, are expected to attend.  We expect about 1500 people at the venue.

After the ceremony at 3pm, the casket will be airlifted to the ancestral home at Lalogi village, in Omoro district, where it will be received by family members and leaders from the Acholi Sub-region.  On Thursday, 7.04.2022, the body will still lie at the ancestral home, in Lalogi village, for final respects by members of the public, councilors and prominent leaders of the Greater Northern Region.  Burial is expected to take place, on Friday 8.04.2022, where the body of our fallen Rt. Hon. Speaker, will be laid to rest at the ancestral home. We expect more than 20,000 people to participate in the burial ceremony.

Our Joint Security Posture at all levels is very robust and actively reviewed, to help counter any form of threats and vulnerabilities. Both visible and non-visible tactical response teams, foot and motorized patrol groups are in place.  Although there are no specific threats directed towards the burial, we call upon all mourners and invitees to remain vigilant.  We shall however, be doubling our efforts to detect and disrupt all forms of threats and acts of violence, targeting mourners and other invitees.

To all invitees, mourners and celebrants, at all venues in Muyenga, Parliament, Kololo and Omoro, we encourage you to maximumly cooperate with our task teams and follow the access controls and search protocols.

We also want to thank the Religious Leaders and selected politicians who have come out to calm the public and counter inciteful messages, that were being spread on social media platforms, as well as demonstrations.

As we conclude, we want to assure all Ugandans that we are well prepared and pledge to deliver a very safe, secure and befitting state funeral for the late Rt. Hon, Jacob Oulanyah.  All members of the Joint Security Agencies, do mourn the lost of a great Patriot, who truly loved his country.  May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

4th April 2022

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