Security Beefed Up To Keep Festive Activities Safe

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The IGP has instructed all territorial commanders to continue conducting high visibility patrols across their jurisdictions and further deploy task teams, to monitor all areas targeted for opportunistic crimes especially crowded places and shopping areas. this is because our priority is to ensure everyone feels safe and enjoy their holiday and festive shopping experience .

We are therefore, enhancing our security presence early enough, to reassure the public and also act as a deterrent to anyone considering committing a crime or disrupting the prevailing peace and safety.

As we increase our visibility, we also would like to call upon the public, especially those who work in the city, towns and municipalities, to remain vigilant and report any suspicions to the police. Therefore, everyone should put security at the top of their festive and holiday list as they go about their day today activities.

Security tips during shopping;

  • Plan your security as you move out
  • Plan your shopping routines wisely, during day and possibility with a friend.
  • Do not buy more than you can carry
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Purchase expensive or large items on your last stop to avoid attracting criminals.
  • Carry limited cash or just enough
  • If shopping with children, teach them what to do if you separate during shopping or are approached by a stranger
  • Park in secure places and do not leave valuables in your car
  • Be extra careful with purses and wallets. Carry a purse close to your body, put a wallet on an inside coat or front part of the
  • Never hesitate to notify security if you see any suspicious activity.
  • If you have to wait for a taxi or bodaboda, wait in a busy, well-lit place.
  • If you feel threatened, make as much noise as possible to attract attention from any good Samaritan.
  • If using public transport, have your change ready in your hand, so that your wallet or purse is out of sight.
  • Do not board an empty taxi. It’s risky.
  • Avoid lifts from strangers. They can be very dangerous.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

2nd December 2019

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