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  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked with heavy duty padlocks.
  • all lights around the premises should be switched on starting 6pm in the evening till, everyday,
  • Ensure extra safety tools like safety chains and padlocks are mounted in places likely to be broken, like the gates and door grills.
  • Make sure your neighbors know that you are leaving the house and give them contacts in case of emergency.
  • All valuable items like jewelries, cash and gadgets are kept in a store, safe before leaving the house.
  • Stop daily or weekly deliverable during your absence to avoid alerting criminals.
  • Inform your nearest police station or post about your absence, avail your contacts, departure and arrival.
  • Do not leave the access keys, in the flowers above the door or under the door carpet.
  • Keep ladders and other tools away in safe places.
  • Ensure the home environment around you, bushes, lodges; trees do not become hiding places for c criminals.
  • Ensure your CCTV is working.


  • do not advertise on social media that you are traveling or away
  • Have you car checked before leaving on a long road trip. ensure your tool box and spare wheel are okay
  • do not drink and drive
  • Avoid texting while driving. it distracts attention
  • observe the rules of the road, as most accidents tend to occur during the holiday season
  • plan your route carefully
  • do not pickup strangers or take a lift from them
  • Always park in safe areas.
  • Always attend to your luggage.
  • Constantly check your mirrors and surroundings to ensure you are not being followed. If suspicious, drive to the nearest police station or phone for help.
  • always keep car doors and windows closed at all times
  • When approaching your gate or home, make sure no suspicious persons or vehicles are near your gate.
  • avoid driving or walking alone at night
  • Avoid parking next to vans, cars with tinted windows or trucks.
  • never leave your car with the motor running
  • Always locate your car keys prior to going to your car.
  • Keep a secure hold on your purse, handbag and parcels. Do not put them, down or on top of the car while opening the door.
  • while approaching or leaving your vehicle , be aware of your surroundings ,
  • Ask mall or store security for an escort before leaving your shopping location.
  • top up your airtime and carry extra phone batteries , charging system
  • When hiring taxis or boda-boda, use reliable services recommended.


  • avoid dark and isolated places at night
  • always carry your wallet in the front pocket
  • Report lost or stolen items to the police immediately.
  • always obtain information about areas that are safe or unsafe to visit
  • When decorating, follow packaging directions for decorative lights. unplug all electrical when leaving the housed
  • do not overload electrical circuits and outlets
  • Take extra caution with candles and do not place them near flammable items or leave them unattended.
  • Avoid loud music. it attracts burglars
  • When cooking, avoid splashing cooking oil and keep flammable items like towels away.



  1. do not allow strangers into your room
  2. hand your keys and valuables at the reception whenever you leave your room



  • Choose one in a secure and well lightened location , withdraw only the amount of cash you need
  • Protect your pin by shielding the keypad from anyone next to you.
  • do not throw your ATM receipt at any location


ACP Polly Namaye

Deputy Spokesperson

Uganda Police Force


  1. l would like to thank you for the guide lines you have given us to take care of of our lives during this festive season . May the good Lord reward you abundantly.

  2. However, Mr. IGP I have an inquiry from your office, on 31st March 2019 evening, my father reported a motorcycle theft case CRR 87/2019 at Bwizibwera police post and in the morning CRB 101/2019 at Rubindi police station . The suspect was arrested that very 31st March 2019 evening by name KITIYO MICHAEL as he tried to run away after handing over a a motorcycle to other three thieves who drove to where we have not discovered. While at Rubindi police station Your police officers requested for money to track the other three who had escaped with the motorcycle we managed to get 450000= which was paid to OCCIDs office and they wanted more 700,000= to complete the tracking, when my Dad was about bring the money 700,000= we had a romour that the suspect had escaped but the office of the OCCID still demanded my Dad pay the money which as family rejected. I with my Dad Mr. Stephen Tushabe ran to PSU office at Kamukuzi
    Mr. Isaac Mugisha for help but we didn’t get the expected help, I and my Dad Mr. Stephen Tushabe again went to the RPC Rwizi Region Mr. Ecega he told us to pray God to have KITIYO MICHAEL re-arrested for trial. My question to MR IGP how did Suspect escape from a lawful custody ? we had earlier requested to transfer the suspect to Mbarara Police station for further management of the suspect your officers at Rubindi refused our proposal ? Now what should we do because we didn’t want the suspect killed but we ended up losing both the motorcycle and the suspect? Kindly meet our need as Ugandans. Thank you very much for your help and God bless you.

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