Traffic Alert

The following risk behaviors or traffic violations tend to increase on the roads due to increased traffic in festive seasons:.


Inexperienced drivers getting onto the roads

Vehicles in Dangerous Mechanical Condition

Carrying excess passengers

Dangerous loading of items

Driving under the influence of alcohol

Distracted driving, using mobile phones, making calls and texts, eating, using the navigation system, or any other thing that takes away your attention while driving.

Improper overtaking. Overtaking in blind corners, on hills, overtaking when another vehicle has started to overtake, overtaking when there are many vehicles ahead—all of this puts one at risk of a road crash that may lead to death or severe injuries.

Road safety is a shared responsibility. The following are the responsibilities that drivers, riders, pedestrians, and passengers need to know and perform in order to reduce road crashes.

Make sure your vehicle is road-worthy.

Observe speed limits.

Be careful before you overtake, and ensure that you overtake in a safe place.

Exercise patience while driving on the road.

Don’t drink and drive.

Remember to use your seatbelts.

Be attentive while driving. Avoid being distracted.

Possess a valid driving or riding license.

Plan for your journey early enough.

You must wear and fasten your crash helmets.

Respect traffic signals and traffic lights.

Put on reflective jackets at all times.

Find a safe place to cross; don’t cross behind heavy vehicles or parked vehicles.

Stop at the edge of the road, look all around for vehicles, and listen.

When there are no vehicles near, walk straight across the road, but keep looking.

Avoid using headsets or ear phones while walking or crossing roads.

Don’t board a vehicle that is in bad condition.

Don’t get on the motorbikes that have another passenger.

Avoid distracting a driver.

Don’t travel at the back of the trucks.

Don’t get into cars that are already full.

Encourage drivers to drive in a safe manner.

Never encourage the driver to drive speedily or dangerously, but instead encourage drivers to drive in a safe and calm manner.

Do not cross the road immediately after getting out of the vehicle.

Always wait for buses, taxis, and boda bodas at safe places.

Take note of the registration number plate of the vehicles you are taking before you board.

Do not sit in front of vehicles while carrying babies or young children.

The public can report all traffic violations on the toll-free number 0800199099; cases of corruption can also be reported on 0773815326.

The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety wishes you all safe travels. Happy Easter to you all.



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