Safety and Security Measures for Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimage to Namugongo on 3rd June

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As we approach the revered celebration of the Uganda Martyrs on 3rd June at Namugongo, we are pleased to report that pilgrims from neighboring countries and various districts have already begun arriving.

Current Status:

No incidents of crime or safety concerns have been reported.

Pilgrims are steadily trekking on foot to Kampala, and we are ensuring their safety.

Safety Measures Implemented:

Police Instructions:

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) has instructed all territorial commanders to ensure the safety and security of pilgrims within their jurisdictions.

Pilgrims are being escorted and protected at churches, schools, and community centers where they rest.

Movement Restrictions:

Movements are restricted during night and early morning hours to prevent road accidents and identify those needing medical attention.

Police and Ministry of Health ambulances are deployed on all major highways and at Namugongo for emergency response and medical evacuation.

Advice to Pilgrims:

Stay with your group and draw strength from the spiritual journey.

Due to unpredictable weather, carry warm clothing, IDs, mobile phones, light bags, reflectors, and ensure transport arrangements for your return.

Be vigilant in heavy traffic and protect valuables from criminals and fraudsters.


Security Arrangements for 3rd June:


A comprehensive response unit has been established, including:

Bomb Squad

Counter Terrorism Units

Field Force Unit for crowd control

Metallic barriers

UPDF, JIC, UPDAF, SFC, and Police Air Wing

These measures are in place to counter any eventualities and ensure the safety of all pilgrims and invited guests.

Community Appeal:

We appeal to the public, especially local residents along the pilgrimage routes and in Namugongo, to be welcoming and supportive of the pilgrims.

Reporting Incidents:

Witnesses or victims of crime should report to the nearest police station at Nakiyanja or Namugongo, or approach any nearby officer.

Emergency police help lines are available as follows:

Emergency Police Help Lines (Toll Free):

Police Control Room: 0800-300-102, 112/999

NOC Line: 0800-122-291, 0700-519-317, 0707-770-285, 0800-199-699

Police Fire Headquarters: 0800-121-222, 0714-667-716

We are hopeful that the Martyrs Day celebrations will proceed unhindered and safely. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

ASP Luke Owoyesigyire Deputy Public Relations officer for Kampala Metropolitan Police .

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