Safety and Security Guidelines For the Rotary Cancer Run 2019

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We would like to congratulate Rotary Uganda and all stakeholders who include Parliament of Uganda, Centenary Bank, Coca Cola (U) and Rwenzori Mineral water, for organizing the 2019 Rotary Cancer Run, scheduled to take place at the Kololo Independence Grounds, on the 25th/08/2018. We are happy to partner with you, to ensure all participants have a safe, secure and enjoyable experience during the entire event (whether you are running, walking or cheering).

We have a range of security measures to help you keep safe and secure. This comprises of uniformed personnel on foot and motorized patrols, covert investigative and intelligence units, counter terrorism personnel, canine unit, ICT with extensive CCTV monitoring across public spaces, as well as other measures that are not visible.

We would also like to remind all participants that, it is extremely important for each and everyone to be safe and healthy while running. They should therefore, take the necessary precautions to avoid risks and maximize the probability of a fun, productive and safe run.

Although we cannot eliminate every safety concern, participants can be smart and make end choices that help them remain safe while running and these include:-

  1. Arrive early so that you get enough time to get through the security screening entrance since the gates open at 6.00am. Plan ahead, allowing time to get through designated entry points. Remember the start of the race will not be delayed due to lines at security checkpoints.
  2. All persons entering the venue will be screened via a walkthrough and handheld magnetometers. The race start/finish area at Kololo Independence Grounds is very secure. The routes are in a very safe neighbourhood, with all maintained surfaces and sidewalks.
  3. All items being carried into the venue will be thoroughly searched by security agents at each check point.
  4. All participants should have bibs visible and fastened on the chest front or back of your attire.
  5. Notification. Tell someone that you are going for the 2019 Rotary Cancer Run, clearly revealing what time you are leaving home and when you expect to return. You can also track the route using a GPS device or App that can be shared with others, to help them find exactly where you are, if necessary.
  6. Runner safety ID. We recommend all participants to run with some form of ID, such that in the case of an emergency, responders know who you are and who to contact.
  7. Cell phones. Are one of the most important safety devices. Ensure it is fully charged before leaving home, since you can use it to call for help or for someone else in an emergency. Be alert as you carry your phone along with you.
  8. Be safe by ruining in groups. The saying “safety in numbers” definitely applies to running. Besides it can be more motivating running with others, as family and or friends.
  9. The roads have cars, trucks and boda bodas, and those drivers are unpredictable and known to be reckless, please be vigilant.
  10. Clothing. All participants are advised to wear the right clothes. The wrong clothes can cause you to be too hot, too cold etc .Therefore take into consideration the dress code that is ideal for temperatures. We also recommend wearing the blue jerseys for the Rotary Cancer Run, or clothes that are bright and easily visible to motorists, riders and others.
  11. Use of headphones. From a safety standpoint, it is better to run without headphones in your ears. This allows you to better hear what’s going on around you and avoid traffic coming from behind you. Using your sense of hearing helps alert you to dangers before you see. Of course many people prefer to listen to music as they run. But if you MUST, keep the volume low and do not be absorbed in your music.
  12. Children and elderly. The Rotary Cancer run is family friendly and the safety of children and elderly is paramount. You must have adults looking after them, as well as the health and mobility of elderly persons.
  13. Prohibited items include weapons like firearms, knives, sharp objects, narcotic drugs, fireworks, bulky items, pets, masks of any kind (except religious headwear).

We would like to wish all participants a fun loving, successful Rotary Cancer Run 2019. We pledge to do everything we can to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable run. You can also help us keep safe and secure by reporting to us anything you unusual, or suspicious.

CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police Force

23rd August 2019

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