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The Regional Police Commander(RPC) West Nile Region, ACP Eddie Sserunjogi congratulates the people of West Nile upon peaceful new year celebrations, and he appreciates the high level of cooperation that existed between Police and the community, via sharing of timely information that helped to minimize criminalities through out the celebrations.

Unlike in the past where new year celebrations were categorized by high level of hooliganism on the streets at night during fireworks display, rape, defilement, indescent assaults, robberies, murders, accidents and others, this year, there were no serious cases registered. The only exception was in Terego district where one Serious accident was registered on 01st January 2023 at 07:50pm, involving two motorcycles, which police is managing lawfully.


When we compare the new year celebrations with those of Christmas, the New year celebrations were much more peaceful because on Christmas day, there were three murder cases registered with a case of three deaths due to drowning in shallow water well. Two of the murder cases were registered in Koboko and one in Ayivu East Division, Arua City, all on 25th December 2022. Meanwhile the case of death of three people by drowning in shallow water well was registered in Koboko on 26th December 2022.


We therefore urge the people of West Nile Region to continue being law abiding this new year and cooperate more with police in sharing information timely inorder to prevent crime. We advice the general public to commit their time to do more productive activities that can lead to development in their homes and communities, than wasting time to participate in criminalities.


SP Angucia Josephine

PRO West Nile Region.

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