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As we celebrate a significant milestone in your careers as we congratulate each and every one of you on your well-deserved promotion within the ranks of our esteemed Police Force. It is a moment of great pride and honor not just for you, but also for your family and the ones who have supported you throughout your journey.

As newly promoted officers, you now bear an even greater responsibility in upholding the values and principles that UPF stands for. Your dedication, hard work, and commitment have been recognized, and with this promotion comes greater trust and expectation from the community we serve. From the one who gets, more is expected.

With this promotion also comes an important mindset shift. You are no longer just rank and file officers, you are now leaders, role models and ambassadors of the law. Your promotion signifies your capacity to effect positive change, both within UPF, and in the lives of those we protect and serve. This is a tremendous opportunity, but it also brings inherit challenges. There will be black swans, but you will surmount them with focus, hard work, and by supporting your leaders to achieve a shared vision.

First and foremost, as leaders, remember to always lead by example. Your actions will speak louder than any words you may say. Uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct. Take ownership of your responsibilities and ensure that your actions demonstrate a deep respect for human rights and impartiality in the discharge of your duties. Your conduct on and off-duty must inspire confidence and trust, not just within our organisation, but with the public we serve. Society expectations have increased with the 4.1.R and increased access to information through social media due to globalisation.

Additionally, I urge you to nurture strong bonds with the community policing is not just about enforcing the law, it is about building strong relationships, fostering trust, and creating safer neighborhoods. Embrace the diversity in our society, and strive to understand and appreciate the unique cultural backgrounds and concerns of the people we serve. Empathy and compassion will be your allies in effectively addressing the needs of our community and fostering a sense of security. Keep yourself updated by reading, the police strategic plan, MPS, the Budget, standing orders, and other literature relevant to policing.
Continuous learning and self-improvement should remain at the core of your professional journey. Embrace training opportunities and seek new knowledge and skills that will enhance your ability to serve and protect. Our world is constantly evolving, and so should our methods and approaches. Stay abreast with advancements in technology and techniques while maintaining a keen eye on the ever-changing nature of criminal activities. Stay curious and adaptive, for it is through constant growth that we can thrive in our chosen profession.

We operate in a constrained SLEPT environment. However, together with your leadership, we have been able to provide plain cloths allowances, provided funds for feeding staff, suspects, imprest, retooling and renovations. We pay staff on time and have starting skills development courses. These should result into better service delivery and customer care.
You will need to build Teams, associate with positivity, accomplish tasks assigned, give clear directions, provide feedback, listen to others, learn to forgive, and say thank you.

There is saying that, the higher you climb, the heavier the fall. Be aware of temptations that can bring you down. You have the pleasure of uncertainty that brings more flatter to the heart, more promise and breaking silos. For us we are almost certain about our next steps. What we got right provides experiences, we look forward with hope to exit, so be determined, confront challenges, maintain your aims to prosper, and keep the momentum.

Finally, remember to take care of yourselves and each other.

Policing is a challenging and demanding profession, both mentally and physically. Lean on your colleagues for support, foster a culture of comradery, and be there for one another during difficult times. Seek opportunities for self-care, maintain a health work-life balance, and remember that your well-being ultimately contributes to your ability to serve with excellence.

As we stand here today, I have no doubt that you are ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead. Your promotion is a testament to your skills, dedication, and potential. The responsibilities entrusted to you are great, but so is your ability to make a difference. Together, let us continue to build a Police Force that the community can trust and rely upon.

Congratulations once again on your promotion. May your journey as leaders be fulfilling, impactful, and may you always strive for excellence.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to serving and protecting our community as we protect and serve.

Aggrey Wunyi

Undersecretary UPF

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