Regional, District Investigations Officers urged to be accountable

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The Director Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Tom Magambo has urged officers of be accountable to the people in their execution of work.

“I want you officers to be accountable to the people that you serve. Give constant updates of the case and attend to random calls when called irrespective of the situation.” Stressed the Directorate.

He made the sounding remarks during the monthly assessment of performance and service delivery of the Directorate to the regional and district Investigations officers at Kibuli Training School in Kampala on Monday.

The meeting was also attended by different heads of departments.

AIGP Magambo submitted that, “Members of the public expect us to deliver and it is upon us to build the trust by giving them feedback and advice accordingly.”

The director further maintained that officers need to set priorities and be accountable as office holders for a smooth operation and not to abuse it.

“Make sure you set priorities and proper accountability for effective service delivery to our people in those offices you are holding.”

The CID Directorate is mandated to ensure effective detection, investigations and prevention of crimes

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