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The Directorate of Crime Intelligence has picked credible information on plans by selected individuals and groups to hold unlawful processions and assemblies, as a way of expressing discontent against the surge in commodity prices and fuel. The economic challenges the country is facing, are being faced by other countries across the globe. Therefore, those who want to use the unlawful protects and demonstrations as a cover to incite violence, disrupt other people’s rights, destroy and vandalize property, routing of shops, theft from road side markets and pedestrians etc; will be stopped, arrested and prosecuted in the courts of law.


The country has remained calm and peaceful for the last 18 months without encountering any violent protests. Therefore, all organizers are as a requirement, reminded to notify the police about their planned meetings. Apparently, none of the individuals and groups, have notified the police about holding their public meetings, which if justified, helps ensure the smooth conduct of the assembly.


All Territorial Commanders have been instructed not to allow any unlawful assemblies to occur and to take actions aimed at apprehending the agitators and instigators of these unlawful assemblies. This is to help ensure the rights of the majority of Ugandans to life, liberty and property are not deprived by a group of self-centered activists.




CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

18th July 2022



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