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As we approach the festive season, we would like to caution the public, across the country, from falling victim to cyber-fraudsters and conmen. They do take advantage of online shopping deals and easy access to the internet, to create online cons, that lure people in, with the promise of cheap deals and stress-free purchases or that which corrupts our smartphones, tablets or laptops with computer viruses. They are determined to make money at all costs.

Therefore, as you go about your online shopping please stay vigilant and carry sufficient due diligence, by checking the authenticity of the site or product. Take care of what you are buying, who you are buying from and how to pay for the purchases. Make sure you use secure and protected methods of payment; such as recommended methods of online payment, rather than transforming money directly to the seller.

The most common areas of fraud are; online shopping fraud, Christmas e-cards, auction fraud, holiday fraud, loan and investment scams, ticketing fraud, donating to charity, money transfers, social media scams, dating scams and mobile payments.

The Cybercrime Unit at CID Headquarters, Kibuli, has been strengthened and continues to analyze hundreds of cyber reports, to identify serial fraudsters, organized crime gangs and other cyber crime threats. We therefore, urge anyone who has had the misfortune to fall victim to cyber fraudsters or any other type of cyber threat to report to the cybercrime unit at Kibuli.

Do not fall victim to heartless criminals, who specialize in tricking internet and phone users, with the promise to great online deals and big cash savings.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

28th November 2022



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