Prevalence of incidents of TIP (trafficking in persons)

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10th July 2017

Prevalence of incidents of TIP (trafficking in persons)

Table showing registered, investigated and prosecuted (Jan-June 2017)

No of Cases RegisteredNo of Registered Victims


No of Cases taken to CourtNo of Convictions
487843           9       8       7     5


  • Incidents of TIP have been monitored in several parts of the country, involving both children and adults at domestic and transnational levels.
  • Over 58 criminal case files have been registered, involving over 121 victims of trafficking for the past six months of the year.
  • There are other unspecified number of cases of obtaining money by false pretense and illegal recruitment related to human trafficking and smuggling which were registered in various police stations.
  • Majority of the registered victims where female young ladies, trafficked to the middle east countries, mostly for labour exploitation but occasionally some of them have been victims of sexual exploitation in terms of forced prostitution.
  • In addition, over 140 potential were intercepted at the exit points of Busia, Malaba, Entebbe Airport and Rwakaka. All those intercepted at Uganda Exit points were stopped from proceeding with their travels and investigations were opened were the victims provided sufficient information.
  • Another group of over 40young ladies were intercepted at Jomo Kenyatta Airport Nairobi. Some of these intercepted at Jomo Kenyatta Airport were found with either forged immigration stamps or passports of other persons and were prosecuted in Kenya before being deported back to Uganda.
  • All the registered victims of transnational trafficking were recruited by un licensed individual and companies.
  • Some unlicensed individuals are using the internet example Elite Winner Agencies (U) ltd advertising themselves on face book.
  • Most of other registered victims of transnational trafficking pass through neighboring Kenya with the aid of trafficking agents at the boarders and within Kenya. Most of them pass through “Panya” routes along the Boarder including Majanji, Busia, Malaba, Tororo and Rwakaka.
  • Over 28 Karamanjong children were intercepted before leaving the sub region for other outside areas were they face various forms of exploitation.


  • Rescue of some victims and prosecution of some suspects are seen in the Table above
  • Interceptions of Potential victims
  • Liaison with stake holders to guide the public on the safe ways available for getting jobs abroad to seek for assistance of children in order to avoid becoming victims of trafficking.


  • The public should use licensed companies for jobs abroad
  • Those who need their children to be assisted should seek guidance from local authorities before handling in children to individuals of organizations.



Coordinator Prevention of Trafficking in Persons

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