Clarification On Alleged Attack on SP Onyango Patrick

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There is information circulating on social media platforms alleging an attack on UPF’s Deputy PRO, SP Patrick Onyango. We would want to clarify as follows:

While SP Patrick Onyango was returning home last evening September 27th, at around 9:30 pm, he suspected that two boda boda riders were probably following him, with possibly a bad motive. He took action by changing strategy of his movement. He called upon the local police to intervene which was done immediately. The police escorted him home safely. He was not injured as alleged in some social media posts.

The police have already opened an investigation into this matter.

We thank members of the public for the show of support and concern in this matter. Again, we appeal to all members of the public to always be vigilant and alert and report such suspicious characters to the nearest police for quick and appropriate action.

Lastly, territorial Commanders (RPCs, DPCs & OC Stations) are reminded to share their contacts with the members of the public in their areas of responsibility. Equally, members of the public are advised to have these numbers, share them with family members and always make use of them to report cases to the police for quick action to be taken.



SSP Emilian Kayima





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