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In a bid to enhance PSU’s service delivery beginning this financial year, our strategic action plan, will focus on three areas; extensive outreach programs, counter intelligence and pro -active interventions. This will be attained by jointly working with members of the public, territorial commanders, the fourth estate and any other stake holder.



The OC CID Mbale D/ASP Mwesigwa Onesmus and in charge land desk D/SGT Were Isaac have been suspended and ordered to immediately report to PSU for investigations. Meanwhile, Mbale police land desk has been disbanded and this was a result of public outcry against the OC CID and land desk over corruption, mismanagement of cases and poor supervision. Other five officers in CID have been recommended for refresher course at the police training school Kabalye and D/CPL Okol to face disciplinary action over negligence of duty.

PSU also conducted a station audit at Mbale Police Station and the following were discovered;

  • 17 files were un-earthed, and, no efforts of investigations were initiated,
  • We noticed a case of aggravated robbery vide CRB 2016/2016, in which six (6) suspects were pre-maturely released on bond. No efforts made to verify sureties, and, re-arrest the suspects.
  • A case of forgery and theft of 17.8m vide CRB 986/2015, the suspects were allegedly dubiously released
  • On 2/08/2017, fertilizers worth 18m was recovered from Iganga following a joint intervention. The three suspects arrested, were earlier released under unclear circumstances vide CRB 1320/17 OF Mbale.


On 2nd August 2017 PSU audited and inspected Kawempe police station as per our checklist guidelines. We targeted casefiles in CID especially in homicide, anti-corruption, anti-narcotic, political and media crime and general crime plus traffic, MCB and CFPU.

We identified files which were grossly mismanaged in Child and Family Protection Office, a few in CID and Traffic. As a result SGT. Nabwire Lucky a traffic officer and all staff of CFPU and some in CID have been summoned at PSU over mismanagement of files.

In addition to that, we also identified two police officers one D/C Kimumwe Fredrick and D/CPL Acidri John Anthony who were suspended in May 2017 over alleged theft of a motorcycle but were found at the station working. The two plus their supervisors have been summoned to PSU for interrogation.

We also charged three officers namely; No 34263 CPL Nagayi Scholastic, No 65560 PC Igala Simon Peter and No 007 SPC Nalubowa Zarifa who were supposed to man the counter/cells at Kawempe but had not reported for duty by 0800hrs were charged for being absent from duty and handed over to the OC Station for disciplinary action.


PSU has constantly received public concerns regarding safety or storage of monetary exhibits.

Yesterday, 2, august, 2017, a complaint was received at PSU headquarters regarding Mpigi police station. A verification team was sent and recovered 5m with the SP Kimera Seguya, and, who the complainant alleged was forcing them to take a percentage. The said money was allegedly resulting from a compensation from UMEME to one Mukasa Hannington. Investigations have been opened, more so since the money had no exhibit slip and was not kept in the exhibit store.


We are also investigating D/ASP Mutungi, the deputy OC CID Kiwoko police station, Nakaseke District for allegedly aiding a one Kabaya (crime preventer) to escape from lawful custody. Kabaya together with other four Police officers attached to Kapeeka police station were arrested over misconduct and excessive use of force while executing their duties in Mivimbo village, Kapeeka Sub county, Nakaseke district. It is alleged that on 29th July 2017 officers shot and injured one Sekalongo Godfrey whom with one Kasozi Joseph were found picking maize stealthily from Hajji Swaib Mukasa Yiga’s farm.

Relatedly, the Commandant PSU has ordered for immediate arrest of SGT Okot Paul of Kitgum Police Station. Information was verified that the officer demanded for a five million bribe from a one Ocen David, a watch man at Kitgum Town College, who was a suspect in a case vide CRB 612/2016, where a one Amere Anthony Deng, a senior three student at Kitgum Town College died in 2016. The officer allegedly demanded for the money so that the watchman can be exonerated. Since he could not raise the five million, he allegedly committed suicide on 30/07/2017.A GEF has been opened at ASWA Region and progress of investigations will be availed to the bereaved family.


Following the incident that took place at Old Kampala Secondary School, where a student was shoot by FFU personnel PC Magambo Michael, during a school trike. A case of attempted murder alongside disciplinary file has been opened and the file has been submitted to Resident State Antony (RSA) for perusal and legal advice. PSU and CID Old Kampala are closely following the progress of the file.


One CPL. 45768 BAMUGIREKU Karim attached to Logistics and Engineering was arrested selling of 63 rounds of ammunition and five pairs of handcuffs to an agent and was charged of abuse of office and appeared in anti- corruption court on 28th July 2017. He was selling each bullet at 10,000 shillings and when our counter intelligence learnt of this information, PSU laid a trap of SHS. 500,000/= which he wanted in exchange; then arrested. A search was conducted at his residence in Naguru barracks and another 32 rounds of live ammunition was found.



PSU is investigating circumstances under which a police case file VIDE Ref: KD/SD/21/30/09/2011 of Kagadi police station mysteriously disappeared from the police station. It is alleged that one Namuddu Harriet reported a case of assault of her son at Kagadi police station in 2011 until now, she has moved for the last six (6) years, no justice received because the file cannot be found. PSU has summoned OC CID Kagadi to respond to this allegation and contacts have been made with the complainant, and the efforts are underway to rectify the problem.

PSU is appreciating and taking into account any constructive criticism or concerns raised by members of the public regarding the quality of service delivery. And for purposes for extensive information gathering, PSU will avail ten (10) telephone mobile lines for public information, in addition the existing lines, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and other plat forms.




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