Press Release

Early this week police PRO Fred Enanga addressed the press on the general security situation of the country as calm and normal.
He addressed the media on the ongoing traffic operations. As motorcycles specifically “boda bodas” without requirements were impounded. Ninety boda boda riders were arrested out of whom eighty five were charged.
He also highlighted members on the operation that targeted encroachers at Namave forest. Over one hundred were arrested and were found with pangas beans and water. They were subsequently charged with criminal trespass and malicious damage to the forest that belongs to the national forest authority and part of it to the Buganda kingdom

He further addressed the media on the resolution by the national security committee to exhume over one hundred eighty bodies of attackers killed during the Rwenzori attacks on 5th July last year. The bodies are to be subjected to DNA analysis in order to establish their relatives. He added that the process was being delayed by Bundibungyo district authorities who claimed they lacked land to rebury any unclaimed bodies
As he concluded he cautioned all those intending to travel to Soroti for the NRM day on the 26th January to take extra precaution as the Kampala Iganga route is much busier due to the increased traffic after the restriction and diversion of heavy trucks from the Ndaiga bridge along Malaba

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