Press Release

The Sunday Pepper of 26.04.2015 published a story under the headline “POLICEMAN SHOT JOAN KAGEZI”.
The paper reported that “The operative who was identified as Fred Egesa, formerly attached to the Police Violent Crime Crack Unit, the flying squad, was smoked out from a hideout in Mbale on Friday and detained at Nalufenya Police Station”.
It went further to claim that the said policeman was arrested in connection with the murder of Ms Joan Kagezi.
We wish to state that the story is false.
The Police has not arrested any policeman in connection with the murder of Ms Kagezi, and neither do we have any suspect in the names of Fred Egesa in custody, on that account.
We encourage the media to first cross-check with the office of the Inspector-General of Police, on matters concerning official investigation or other operations by Police, before publishing stories that misinform the public, or end up giving erroneous reports on the status of such investigation, or operation.

CP Fred Enanga
Press and Public Relations Officer
Uganda Police

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