Press Release

In the New Vision issue of Monday, 21st April 2015, a story under a highly misleading headline “ARMED MEN ATTACK KYEGEGWA” was published.
We wish to state categorically that there was no armed attack as the headline suggests or since the 27th June 2014, when at Kyaliboni Fellowship Church, Karokarungi village, Magoma parish, Hapuyo subcounty, a group of 12 criminally minded individuals attacked and killed worshippers at the church and killed Mukashaka Beatrice, and a policeman, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Mwine Grace attached to Kyegegwa police station. We, also, must refute the story that we have deployed extra security personnel.
It is true that, on four occasions of 8th April 2015, 10th April 2015, 12th April 2015 and 19th April 2015, one Nathan Anyijukire, a resident of Ahuzi village, Magoma parish, Hapuyo sub county in Kyegegwa district reported that two people armed with a pistol and a sub machine gun found him at his home and asked him for food, and subsequently walked with him around, and, then, disappeared into a nearby forest. Police and sister security agencies took the information seriously and there are ongoing efforts to establish the truthfulness of the information, and take any action to ensure the security and safety of people and property in the district. We are, also, investigating whether the reported incidents could in any way be connected to a visit of a prominent government official in the district on the 10th April 2015, to give a false impression that the district is not peaceful.
Otherwise, we wish to assure members of the public that Kyegegwa district, and neighbouring districts are safe and secure, and there should be no cause for alarm or panic.

Gen Kale Kayihura
Inspector General of Police
22nd April 2015

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