Press Release

The Daily Monitor newspaper, of Wednesday, the 22nd April 2015 ran a story on the front page under the headline “Police bribed to kill pension scam case”.
We wish to clarify that while the court case was dismissed, it was on a technicality and not on absence of substantive evidence. The Police investigation of the case was thorough and comprehensive. Strong evidence in form of witnesses and exhibits is available. In fact, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Police are working together to ensure that the case is reinstituted.
As for allegations of bribery, the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) of the Police, from time to time, throughout the investigation, received and investigated such allegations, and played a commendable role in protecting the investigation. In respect of the specific allegations contained in the story, the PSU has taken up the matter, and will make thorough and comprehensive investigation not only in the allegations, but, also, how two contradictory reports could have been sent to the DPP by the CIID.
Therefore, while we acknowledge that there could have been shortcomings on the part of some officers involved in the investigation, this was not fatal to the case. In fact, the CIID working closely with the DPP did a commendable job. Accordingly, the assertions in the story that the Police killed the case are not correct. The case is alive and kicking and will be caused to be reinstated by the DPP, as we have indicated above, and thanks to the efforts of the Police, there is sufficient evidence implicating the suspects, and which will be adduced when the hearing takes off. There is, therefore, no cause to be disheartened or disappointed.

Gen Kale Kayihura
Inspector General of Police

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