Kale Kayihura

Press Release

Press Release

The Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura has today 23rd April 2014 reviewed matters surrounding allegations of professional misconduct and abuse of office against AIP Kirumira Mohammad.

He notes that the officer is guided by the Police Code of conduct which clearly stipulates rules and procedures of addressing complaints and grievances within the Police institution.

The conduct of the officer of portraying his grievances against the institution in the print and electronic media highly affected the integrity of the Police institution which cannot be compromised. He has therefore, been suspended with immediate effect by the Inspector General of Police for two weeks in accordance with the provision of section 44 code 31 (1) of the Police Act CAP 303.

All case files registered against him have under the principle of natural justice been withdrawn from the Professional standards unit and referred to the Directorate of Human Rights and legal services to expedite inquiries and furnish the Inspector General of Police with its findings and recommendations for further action within two weeks.

The officer is further tasked to;

  1. Report daily to the office of the Inspector General of Police for counseling and guidance within the next two weeks.
  2. Desist from dealing with the media on policy matters with the Police institution.




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  1. Hello there — I am a journalist in New York for the digital news organization Vocativ.
    We are doing a story about the reported case of cannibalism in Rakai District in March.

    Is it possible to get some answers to these questions:
    How many cases of suspected cannibalism does the Uganda police force investigate in an average year?
    Are the number of cases going up or down?
    In what part of the country does it occur most?
    Is cannibalism illegal in Uganda? If it is not, what are people usually arrested for in connection with cannibalism?

    Many thanks in advance for your time.

    Judith Dubin
    C: 1-917-2256420
    O: 1-646-2133808

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