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The Police yesterday, 24/02/2019, acknowledged apologies from its Sister Security Agency, the UPDF over the manner in which our officer, Sgt Namaganda Esther was treated by its officers while on official duty.

The incident that was captured on video, started when the driver of motor vehicle reg. no. 18CDMI who was heading from Kampala – Mukono, wrongfully made a U-turn in the middle of the road at Seeta junction; and was stopped by the traffic officer.  This prompted, two body guards to the Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi, Major General (rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza, to jump out of the car and angrily confront our officer, including assault after she attempted to stop them from making the U-turn.

We want to strongly condemn such acts of brutality upon our officers, and do further congratulate our officer on the degree of patience and restraint exhibited.  We are observing her treatment and speedy recovery from the injuries and trauma suffered from the incident.  This is one example of the risks all police officers face as they work to protect the citizens they serve.

The Police has created two task teams to pursue the matter, which include; the KMP Traffic Commander who will investigate the conduct of the driver, for inconsiderate use of the road; and another team under the CID Commander KMP to investigate the charges of assault and willful obstruction of an officer on official duty.  The team is also investigating an additional complaint of assault from a UBC Journalist, Peter Otai, who was allegedly assaulted while capturing the incident on video.

The task teams will jointly coordinate with the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and obtain statements from the two body guards, already in military custody namely: RA/221607 L/CPL Bushindiki Peter and RA/230927 Peter Okurut John Robert.

The public must know that the military charge against them has criminal consequences, reason why we are working with the CMI to bridge the gap and explore the opportunity of charging the suspects on both criminal charges and court martial, over the same behavior.

As a matter of protocol, the team will through the police leadership cause for the summoning of H.E. The Ambassador Major General (rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on probable charges of assault and wrongful obstruction of an officer on duty.

we want to assure our counterparts the UPDF and the country at large that despite the isolated incident above, we increasingly recognize the need of building further the inter-agency cooperation processes; focused on promoting and sustaining the safety and security of all Ugandans



The Police and Sister Security Agencies are actively monitoring the security situation in Napak district, following attempts to hold violent protests, over the pronouncement of the Ministry of Local Government, Hon. Col. Tom Butime, which confirmed the boundary line, between Napak and Katakwi Districts at Iriri village.

The pronouncement on the 19th February, 2019, was made as per the findings of the independent survey conducted in 2016.  The Napak Community felt disappointed over the fact that the demarcation curved out Alekilek village, which is dominated by the Karimojong and is located 3kms from the new borderline into Katakwi district.

On the 23rd February, 2019, the Police dispersed a crowd of about 200 youths that had been mobilised to march in protest from Iriri in Napak district, a distance of 6 kms to Alekilek village in Katakwi district.  They were stopped and dispersed after they attempted to lynch the Chairman LCV Napak, Lamonyang Joseph SONIK as well promote breach of peace in the area.  There were no injuries.

The situation has since remained calm and peaceful.  And we want to encourage the aggrieved party to seek redress through lawful means.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

25th February 2019

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