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This is to inform the general public and in particular, members of the Muslim community who were intending to participate in the National Jumaa Special Prayers, at Kololo Independence Grounds, today, Friday, January 18, 2019, that the prayers will not take place, after it was established that the religious gathering, that was being organized by the Parliamentary Imam, was not cleared by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), the Supreme Muslim body, legally mandated to oversee, all activities of the Islamic Faith in Uganda.

The Police has asked the organizers to secure another date, upon harmonizing their request with the Supreme Muslim body, and also cautioned them, against proceeding with the religious event, due to lack of security clearance and the potential safety concerns in the wake of the recent incidents in our neighboring country.

We want to reassure members of the Muslim community and the public at large, that all other prayers on this major day of the Muslim calendar, will proceed without any security concerns, as we await any other request that is in full compliance with the provisions of the Public Order Management Act, Section 5.


CP Fred Enanga

Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police



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