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The country is generally calm with less crime registered. However this morning there are two motor accidents that occurred and are an eye opener to all motorists and road users. The first happened in Mukono, Mbalala at around 05:30 AM where a Fuso Truck Reg. number UAQ 572W lost control and knocked seven other vehicles damaging them seriously to wit, Toyota Costa UBA 589Z, Omnibus taxi UAX 261A, Pick up UBA 475P, Isuzu UAH 463R, Subaru UAR 615Z and one whose registration number is yet to be identified. The other happened at Maya along Kampala –Masaka High way where the driver of ISUZU ELF UAM 715T rammed into a taxi, Reg Number UAX 918W shuttering it and breaking its propeller Shafter but no one was injured. These send serious messages to all motorists and road users to take extra care while on the road.

However, this festive season brings about crimes and calls for heightened security operations. We are prepared to secure the festive season thereby enabling all Ugandans and our visitors to enjoy themselves as long as they are in the country.


Some sections of the political actors in the country have planned to stage riots in some parts of the country especially Kampala. This is veiled in the parliamentary roles of debating the controversial 102(b) article popularly known as the age limit bill. Some Honorable members of parliament have been heard mobilizing their electorates to storm parliament as this bill is being debated. This is untenable and might cause trouble. It is our constitutional duty to protect all people which we pledge to do so well as we always do.

All people that are being mobilized should shun these gatherings because they are likely to cause bleach of peace. All people should rest be assured of safety and security as they go about their business.


This festive season usually attracts high crime especially on high ways. Just recently, a Kasese-Bwera, Kampala Kalita bound bus Reg. No. UAM 830Y was waylaid in Mubende District by armed criminals at around 1:40 AM and an assortment of goods and money were stolen. The suspicion rotates around a woman who could have worked with these criminals to rob the passengers. She has since been arrested together with her lover, the driver of the bus. Her name is Kobusingye Hadijjah and lover who was the driver is Ali Kagiri. Both were arrested to help in the investigation.

It should be noted that our Integrated High Way Patrol Unit has intensified its operations to ensure safety and security on these high ways. These are strategically positioned along high ways and work hand in hand with the territorial police to fight crime like armed robberies along these high ways.


Indeed as the festive season sets in, we intensify our security across the country. The visibility of the police is obvious. This alone wards off crime. it also enables quick response in case of a possible crime happening.

As a result of thee intensified operations, the police in Pader District on 7th, Dec, 2017 recovered an assault rifle, AK 47 no. 7976-244397 from Lapul Sub County with only 12 rounds of ammunition. This means that possibly the 18 ammunitions were used in commission of crime. Two people have since been arrested and these are: Okello Joe 24 years, a resident of this area and Odong Mourish 38, a resident of the same area as well. They both claimed to have purchased the weapon from South Sudan. The police are investigating all these and the nation will be informed of our findings. At least this is one weapon out of criminal hands.

Secondly, on 9th December 2017 two car robbers were shot dead by the police in Arua as they drive off despite the police intervention having suspected them for stealing the vehicle from Kireka, Kampala. A message was circulated on our network indicating that a report had been made at Kireka on 7th, December 2017. The vehicle stolen is a PREMIO REG. NO. UAR 490 K and the suspected thieves shot are; one Matovu Geoffrey, a resident of Makindye and another man suspected to be Congolese and not yet identified.

Thirdly, in Sonde, Misindye, Goma Division, Mukono District, criminals have attacked residents twice and this time round on 7th, 12, 2017 at around 3:00AM, vigilant residents quickly called in the police, but also confronted the panga wielding men without fear. In the scuffle, one suspected criminal was killed and yet to be identified. However, at the scene, an ID for Nawanda Joseph was recovered and breaking implements like a panga and axe were recovered.


This festive season, again, hazards are bound to occur especially fire outbreaks in homes, places of entertainment, ware houses, food stores and many more others. it will be remembered that last week, a fire gutted a ware house in Ntinda destroying a lot of merchandise worth millions of shillings.

It is therefore important for all of us to remember some tips to avoid these fires ravaging us.

  1. Employ and deploy reasonable security on ground to call upon for support in case of need and to do so in time.
  2. These centers that have gather many people or a lot of merchandise ought to have fire hydrants to ease the process of effective fire fight in case it occurs. Rationale is, when fire Brigade and Rescue Services bring their trucks, they ought not to go back and forth collecting water. It is the reasonable we are accused of coming with less water! Take note.
  3. There is need to install automatic fire detection systems in such facilities. These will go along way saving the situation in case of a fire.
  4. Lastly, known Assembly Points for safety purposes.



SSP Emilian Kayima

Spokesperson Uganda Police Force

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