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President Passes out 3200 Police Officers

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President Passes out 3200 Police Officers

His Excellency President Y. Kaguta Museveni has today the 10th September 2016, commissioned 1,200 (one thousand and two hundred) cadet officers (C/ASP) and 2,000 (two thousand) probationer Police constables (PPCs) at Kabalye Police Training School in Masindi district after undergoing a twelve months training course.

“We have been building security systematically. With the police, we have been dealing with the issue of numbers and our target is a 74,000-strong force.
But we are also dealing with quality. Police constables should have senior six qualifications,” said the President.

He reiterated that unlike the army who act in teams, police officers sometimes must act alone. They should therefore be able to read and write, for example, recording a statement stressing the importance of having a literate police force.

Regarding the welfare of Police and security agencies in general, the President said that government is planning to build permanent houses for the forces.

“We have lived in ‘mama yingia pole’ (dilapidated houses) for a long time. Now is the time for government to build permanent houses for the forces,” added the President.

The President noted that government schools near Police and Army barracks should admit children of those serving in the forces and these should study free up to senior six adding that Spouses of security personnel will be assisted to establish some income generating activities around the barracks.

He cautioned the granduands to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle.

The Inspector General of Police, General kale Kayihura thanked the President for standing with the police during   critical moments especially whenever the force was under attack.

Gen. Kale also thanked the President for enabling the qualitative and quantitative expansion of the police noting that in 2005, the force’s strength stood at 18000 personnel only.

“The force currently stands at 44.474 (forty four thousand four hundred seventy four thousand) personnel including the graduands who are passing out today,” Said Gen. Kale.

General Kale said that, the police construction unit is going to construct 1020 (one thousand and twenty) housing units, schools, and medical centres in a bid to address welfare challenges for police officers and their families.

The graduands comprise of engineers, pilots, Doctors, and information technology specialists among other disciplines.




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