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With only 3 days to the nomination of Presidential Candidates for the General Elections, we would like to remind all individual actors and political groups, that processions, rallies and assemblies were prohibited during nominations, due to the high risks they impose on public health and safety. Despite the guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission, which are very clear, we continue to obtain intelligence on arrangements by a few political actors, to hold unauthorized processions, rallies and assemblies.  We have taken note of their adverts and publicity drives declaring such intentions.

While we respect the rights of all Ugandans to assemble, we must also respect the solemn responsibility of our Law Enforcement Agencies, to protect the public, amidst the threat of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We all know, that acts of defiance, have the potential to the use, or the threat of using violence, such as blocking roads, burning tyres, hurling petrol bombs, pelting stores at law enforcement personnel, looting property, and malicious damage.

Therefore, we would like to warn all intending participants and other members of the public, not to join these unauthorized processions and assemblies. Simply because, the organisers cannot guarantee, that violence will not erupt, or further guarantee the safety of participants, against exposure to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a precaution, we have deployed sufficient manpower to combat any unlawful acts.  We are going to disrupt certain activities and movements during the nominations.  Some disruptions will be overt, others covert including areas like; traffic road junctions, lodges, bodabodas stages, garages, taxi stages. In addition, we shall implement several vehicle checkpoints throughout the KMP area.

The Joint Task Force will take very resolute enforcement action in strict accordance with the law against any illegal acts, in order to promote rule of law, protect public order and public safety.

CP Enanga Fred

Police spokesperson

30th October 2020

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