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The Joint Security Agencies have obtained information about plans by individuals and groups, to hold unlawful assemblies and political demonstrations in Lango Sub Region, dubbed “solidarity campaigns” over the alleged negligence over major roads in Lango. The key planners include politicians like Hon. Issa Otto Amisa, Hon Olara Otunu and Hon Angiro Gutmoi.  Others include Mawa Moses (NUP mobiliser Lango sub region), Acar Martin, Ojede Peter (Mobiliser Oyam and Kole Districts), Aryano George, Okot Moses , Joseph Orient and Okello Newton Isaac (Youth Representative – Olara Otunu faction).  They held several meetings at the home of Mawa Moses in Kakoge, Lira City, where they distributed NUP flags, red T-shirts, whistles and other logistics including fuel, for boda-bodas and motor vehicles.

They are using the delays in the planned road works construction for the Kamdini-Lira-Soroti -Tororo road, to hold political riots and have mobilized transporters from different associations like the Lira Urban Transporters, Lira Market Taxi Operators, Lira Tipper Drivers Association, Lira Juba Transporters, Uganda Bus Owners Association, among others.

We want to assure the public, especially residents in Lango sub region, that the grievances by the politicians are fueled by false narratives, to simply incite or commit violence. They are all aware that the delay in road construction works from Lira to Kamdini, then Soroti up to Tororo, is due to pending approvals of the environmental and social safeguards by the World Bank. The road construction works will immediately start after the clearance from the World Bank.

The organizers must know that although it is a fundamental right to peacefully assemble, all political assemblies and procession are still restricted under the Public Health Orders. In addition, all organizers have a duty to inform the police about the date, time, consent of the venue owner, number of persons expected and any other information, to ensure the smooth conduct of the public meeting. The key planners did not adhere to this provision for holding their public meeting, which led to the arrest of Hon. Issa Otto Amisa.

We shall therefore, not allow any unlawful assemblies to occur. We have contingence plans in place to counter any violent conduct or behavior, both mobile and rapid response teams, all trained in crowd management and control. This is to ensure the rights of Ugandans to peace, security and safety are not disrupted by self-seeking politicians.





17TH. JANUARY 2022


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