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As   the festive celebrations continue into the New-Year, we anticipate millions of revelers and celebrants will gather at places of worship, entertainment, and social centers, to usher in the New Year.  We would like them all to act responsibly and not to give themselves up to anything that will ruin the rest of their lives.

Last year we successfully policed several events with total gatherings above 250,000. We expect an increase in numbers and activities this year.  We would like to thank the thousands of security officers, who successfully policed the Christmas festivity, without any incidents of grave nature. We are much prepared for the possibility of seeing greater crowd numbers turning out to the public.

Although there are NO specific threats for an attack on New Year’s Day, we are monitoring closely the recent terrorist attacks in Somalia, and have adjusted our plans, both overt and covert. The public will continue seeing our visible security presence with police patrols and additional security from the military and LDUs in crowded places, we also have an additional layer of protection with specialist units at selected locations, with the right intervention and response capabilities to counter all forms of hostilities, deployed along with our k9 unit, use of CCTV and other automated and scientific methods, as part of our security master plan to meet any threats as people celebrate the end of a year and usher in New Year.

We further calling upon the public to put security on the top of their “must have” lists this New-Year; by being extra vigilant and on the lookout for any suspicious persons and behavior and inform the police. Therefore anyone putting other people’s lives at risk or disrupting the peace and safety of others, will be dealt with accordingly.  There shall be no burning of tyres, firing of bullets as part of celebrations.

The police in close coordination with emergency service units and lifeguards along all beaches are warning holiday makers and revelers to usher the New Year, 2020, in a safe and responsible manner. Our teams will be targeting alcohol related acts of violence and, anti-social behavior.

All beach goers should not go swimming unless they are in a well-defined swimming area. We further appeal to the public to follow instructions on signboards and listen to lifeguards at all beaches, avoid using inflatable’s, watch for changing conditions and tidal currents, weak swimmers to be supervised at all times.  Management should have zoning flags and appropriate rescue aids.

The police and UPDF marines will conduct patrols and provide support to the beach management.  They will further ensure no revelers and swimmers are in the waters by 6pm


It’s important to monitor access of those in attendance and those outside the premises by:

  • Limiting points of access by only opening doors that are close to the area being used.
  • Establish checkpoints where all people and items are thoroughly screened.
  • Zone areas in large facilities based on the activities.
  • Reduce access points to bare minimum.
  • Monitor all persons who are isolated at the venues.
  • Protocol teams should identify and interact with suspicious persons and contact authority.
  • Identify teams to observe and patrol the venues throughout on a random basis.
  • Have security personnel at each entrance point.
  • Ensure adequate fire alarm and panic alarms at key areas.
  • CCTV coverage should be considered for critical areas and access points.
  • Ensure perimeter security is enhanced.
  • All shrubs  and bushes near the venue be trimmed to avoid hiding places.
  • Remove potential fire hazards such as trash.
  • Consider barriers for vehicles.
  • Check exterior hiding places.
  • Ensure all interior and exterior lights are in working order.
  • Monitor parking lots for timely entry and exist.
  • Liaise with the area police for contacts, risk and threat assessments.
  • Emergency plan for medical emergencies, fire, natural disasters and acts of violence.
  • Establish emergency communication protocols in the event of an emergency.
  • Consider hiring extra security to secure the event.CP Enanga FredPolice spokesperson30th December 2019 

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