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The Homicide department, at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, has a key role in the investigations of infant and child deaths, has noted that that several incidents, of infants and children dying before they reach 12 years, are being registered. Children just like adults have a right to live and are also protected by the law. This requires public authorities to establish the cause of deaths, support the grieving parents and relatives and create interventions to prevent further deaths in children.

It is being noted that the majority of the deaths occur as a result of natural causes, such as diseases, physical defects or incidents. And one of the greatest challenges for dealing with suspicious deaths in children, particularly those in infancy, is often the covert nature.

Despite the sanctions, as well as the education and awareness campaigns a small proportion of the deaths are caused deliberately by maliciously administered substances or by the careless use of drugs, neglect or maltreatment by carers including parents and guardians.

Although high profile cases capture a lot of media and public attention, education campaigns, do not impact on all people who kill children. Therefore, members of the community are urged to always be vigilant and obtain as much information as possible in respect of the history of the child and the circumstances leading up to the child being found dead.

In particular, suspicions child deaths are often associated with significant social and domestic issues for parents or guardians, such as family misunderstandings, separation, divorce, alcohol, drug abuse, mental health issues, and previous history of violence.

For any information about child deaths, please link up with the Homicide department on 0718357460

For instance, during the last three months of June to September, 2019, a total of 25 major incidents/reportable offences were reported to police.  32 juvenile lives were lost and 22 suspects arrested and charged to court. {See table below}

Incidences reported between June, 2019 and 14th September, 2019

3.Death Fire02
4.Suspected Murder02
5.Sudden Death01
6.Kidnap and Murder01
7.Rash and Neglect01

List of selected incidents; 

  1. On 07/07/2019 at around 1500hrs, the body of one Okalo Akisham M/J 2½ years was found abandoned near the shrine of Muzige Amuza. The body had all the body parts intact. The victim was reported missing on 06/07/2019 at around 0900hrs.
  2. On 11/07/2019 at around 0500hrs, one Owori Samuel male juvenile 04 years was reported dead by his father, one Olweny James Owino male adult and resident of  Nabwangu Village, Bumwena Parish, Malongo Sub County in Mayuge District. It is alleged that on 10/07/2019 at around 1900hrs, the victim was found eating food at the home of one, John who is their neighbour. The father was furious accusing the victim of overeating and ruthlessly dragged him home. The victim was not seen till 11/07/2019 when the father announced to the neighbourhood about sudden death of his son. The neighbours suspect that the father and the step mother to the victim were responsible for the death since they always discipline the victim harshly. Scene visited, post-mortem done, two suspects arrested, inquiries ongoing.
  3. On the 13/07/2019, at unknown time at Alivu village, Ocopi, Parish, Katrini Sub-county in Arua District, Asara Robinah, a 23year old female adult, allegedly murdered her four month old daughter, Asindiru Blessing. She was arrested and charged with infanticide.
  4. On 12/07/2019 at unknown time at Nachileta Village, Loputuk Sub County in Moroto District, one Ngorok M/J 12 years was allegedly assaulted to death by one Loyolo Paul M/A R/O Kodungo Village, Loputuk Sub County, Moroto District for unknown reasons. Scene visited, body taken for postmortem, suspect on run, inquiries ongoing.
  5. On the 13/07/2019 at around 0400am, at Buhonda village, Buhonda Parish, Kisiita Sub-county in Kakumiro district, one Nagaba Eva a 26 year old female adult, allegedly murdered her step son, Natamba Ivan, aged 4 years.  She was arrested and charged with murder.
  1. On 17/07/2019 at around 2200hrs at Mpumu Village, Wairama Parish Mpungwe Sub County in Mayuge District, one Abulu Shakir Wadyango, M/J 08 month old, son of one Wadyango Muhammad, a Boda Boda cyclist and R/O the above address was found murdered and the body dumped in the neighbour’s pit latrine where it was retrieved from. It is alleged that on the 17/07/2019 at about 1730hrs, the deceased mother one Mutezi Chemawa left home for treatment in the nearby Kasugwe village leaving the deceased with the baby seater one Kagumirikiza Stecia F/J about 12 years old, a daughter to the immediate neighbour Bogere Willy. The baby seater Kagumirikiza on 18/07/2109 at about 0800hrs disappeared from their home when people started doubting her. Scene visited, Postmortem conducted, No arrests made as inquiries continue.
  1. On the 29/07/2019 at Gorogoro B Cell, Northern Ward Dokoro District, One Akullo Monica, a 19 year old, female adult, dumped her 6 weeks months old son, Ocen in a pit latrine belonging to Egaru Charles. She was arrested and charged to court.
  2. On 04/08/2019 around 1230hrs at Rwabahera II cell, Magondo parish, Burunga Sub County in Kazo District, the body of unidentified M/J of about 05 years was discovered in the dam belonging to one Kamukama Moses M/A aged 32 R/O above address. The body was tied with a huge stone wrapped in cloth around his neck and a huge stone tied to that cloth. Scene visited, body retrieved and taken to Kazo Health Centre IV mortuary for postmortem as inquiries continue.
  1. On the 5/08/2019, at around 5pm,at Kakolye village, South Division, Moroto Municipality, Moroto District, one Logiel Asunta, a 23 year old, female adult, assaulted her son, Lomongin Juma, a 15 month old, male juvenile, who succumbed to the injuries at Moroto Federal Hospital. The suspect was arrested and charged with murder.
  2. On 11/08/2019 at Ruhendwa cell, Kakabunga Parish, Nyakashashara Sub County in Kiruhura District, the body of one Kange Ronald M/J 08yrs was discovered. On 31/07/2019, the victim, a pupil of Christ the King Nursery and Primary School was allegedly kidnapped and murdered for ritual purposes  by Asiimwe Alex alias Kusasira Andrew Isaac Louisville M/A 18yrs and Taremwa Enoth M/J 16yrs. Four suspects were arrested, post-mortem done and inquiries at hand.
  3. On the 29/08/2019 at about 1100am, at Butema Zone, Njeru Division, the body of an unidentified baby boy, of about 8 months was discovered in a banana plantation. The body was examined on post-mortem as inquiries continue.
  4. On the 13/09/2019, at Lwaweba village, Maddu Sub-county, in Gomba District, one Musiime Merabu, a 19 year old, female adult gave birth and threw the baby boy in a pit latrine. Suspects on the run as inquiries continue.
  5. On the 13/09/2019 at around 1000am, at Kyemero village, Bugangari Sub-county in Rukungiri District , one Katushabe Grace, a 23 year old, female adult, gave birth to a baby and dumped it in a pit latrine. She was arrested and charged with infanticide.
  6. On the 10/09/2019, one Ahumuza Proscovia a female adult, was caught dumping the body of her two month old son in the bush, in Rwankoma village, in Rukungiri District. The baby was conceived outside her marriage.  Suspect arrested and charged with causing death.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

17th September 2019



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