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As we prepare to celebrate this festive season, this is a time when we return to sharing core values of joy, love, kindness and compassion. A time of celebrations, parties & performances marked by special events and entertainment.

The Uganda Police Force anticipates millions of revelers at places of worship, entertainment, and social centers. There is still an existing threat environment. During Christmas season and ushering in the New Year, we have heightened visible security presence with joint security teams, patrols, with intervention and response capabilities and capacities to counter all forms of hostilities to meet any threats as people celebrate this season.

The safety of revelers is always our topmost priority and the guidelines issued strengthen and standardize the security and public safety practices, at major music events and venues. They should thus be followed to the dot.

Inform the office of the Inspector General of Police for proper planning of events organised. It should be NOTED that events cleared by the office of Director Operations will be the only ones allowed to take place for proper planning and coordination on matters of security.

The events managers are urged to hire, if possible, stewards to help them in the management of revelers at the event. We also urge them to Liaise with the area Police for contacts, risk and threat assessments.

We appeal to the general public that they should be vigilant and security conscious. Avoid misbehaving during these events. Report any suspicious elements and incidents.

To the musicians, you are warned against booking multiple shows you cannot honor. Sometimes you may not turn up or have under par results. This causes rowdiness among the revelers.

We pledge to continue working with all musicians, their promoters, agents and owners of venues, in secure environments, which do not present any safety risks to revelers and the public at large. All our territorial Police Commanders have been informed accordingly, to ensure no planned concerts are carried out in insecure environments.

We further call upon anyone who sees anything suspicious wherever they are to alert the nearest security unit, LC, or call our emergency numbers on 0707600773 /0776999136 or 0800199699.


ACP Nabakka S. Claire


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