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The IGP would like to greatly thank H.E The President for the appointment on secondment of additional UPDF officers to the police. These include; AIGP Brigadier Jack Bakasumba, the Chief of Joint Staff (CJS), AIGP Brigadier Godfrey Golooba, the Director Human Resource Development and Training. He replaces AIGP Haruna Isabirye, who is heading to New York as the police attachée to the Ugandan Mission.

Others include, AIGP Colonel Jese Kamunanwire, the Director Human Resource Administration, he replaces AIGP Moses Balimwoyo, now transferred as Director Interpol and International Relations.   He also replaces SCP Oyo Nyeko Benson, who was Acting Director and now heads to the AFRIPOL Headquarters in Algiers as the Police Liaison Officer and finally AIGP Col Chris Serunjoji Damulira, the Director Crime Intelligence.  He replaces SCP Chombe Amur who is transferred as Deputy Director Interpol and International Relations. We do congratulate all the officers in their new appointments and welcome those seconded to the institution.

We want to acknowledge that the secondment of the UPDF officers comes at a time when there is an increasing convergence of policing and military doctrines and better partnership in addressing policing concerns countrywide.

We further thank our counterparts the UPDF that is stable now, for not denying us the opportunity to utilise their officers who will oversee 03 out of the 19 directorates in the police. We look forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring along with them that will help provide top quality policing service to the staff and the wider public.

We strongly believe that our collective efforts will have a strong and positive impact on the community we are privileged to serve.  Some of the areas where police has drawn best practices from the UPDF include intelligence gathering, supervision, and discipline, handling highly risky and confrontational situations.

As we continuously seek to improve, using best practices, a number of reforms, are taking place including the expansion of the community policing model, training and re-training of officers, improved welfare, use of new technology among others for appropriate response to emerging policing threats.

We will continue balancing the act of providing the right tools to police while ensuring we maintain the ethos of community policing, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the police.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

3rd July 2019

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