Police warns on spread hate speech messages

Press Release

There are sections of members of the public who have started sending
hate and threatening messages to Ugandans.
You are all hereby notified that sending or circulating hate messages
is criminal.
Uganda Police Force is mandated to protect all Ugandans and we are
committed to safeguarding life and property at all times.
If you have received any hate/threatening messages either through
verbal or social media, please report to this number: WhatsApp
Hate speech and messaging contravenes Computer Misuse Act 2012 Section
25 and The Penal Code Act Section 51(1) (a & b) incitement to violence
which reads:
1.   Any person who without lawful excuse, prints, publishes or to any
assembly makes any statements indicating or implying that it would be
2.  incumbent or desirable –
a. to do any acts  calculated to bring death or physical injury to any
person or to any class or community of persons or
b. to do any acts calculated to lead to destruction or damage to any
property, commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for three

SP Patrick Onyango
Deputy Public Relations Officer

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