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We wish to inform the public that we are closely monitoring plans by selected criminal elements who include; bodaboda and youth gangs instigated by politicians, to hold illegal protests and unlawful demonstrations, within Kampala, and Masaka, over the re-arrest of Hon. Allan Ssewanyana. We want to inform the public that the Hon. MP was arrested on fresh charges of treason and incitement to violence, within the provisions of the law.  The task team found it important that they turn over every allegation against him and have recorded his statement accordingly.

Therefore, all criminal elements planning to incite violence, over a lawful procedure, are simply undermining the prevailing rule of law in the country.  This is wholly unacceptable, because organisers of such illegal protests, always have no potential of guarding against unlawful behaviours of looting, malicious damage and disruption of people’s lives and businesses.

Although we respect the rights of individuals and groups, however, where they abuse such rights and privileges, the law will be enforced. As we continue to monitor the situation, we are prepared to act immediately to enforce rule of law, to safeguard the lives and property of all citizens and visitors in the country.  Our task teams are alert and on standby for any action of violence.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

27th September 2021

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