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Police Warn Public over Christmas Updates on Social Media

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KAMPALA. As Christians count days to Christmas, the police have warned the public on updates made on social media claiming they are the source of crimes such as theft and robbery.

Mr. Fred Enanga the police spokesperson noted that in this festive season there is always an increase in robberies and house breaking because many people head to villages for holiday thus calling for public vigilance.

“This is a busiest season and whatever you post on social media may have impact on your life. We have seen posts where people are informing their friends how they are withdrawing money to take to the village. Such posts put your life at risk as you may be trailed by thugs,” said Mr. Enanga.

He further warned the public to be alert on pick picketers, and urged people to avoid carrying large sums of money but use ATM cards, bank drafts and mobile money services. The business community was advised to request the assistance of the police or reputable security companies if they need to transport or move cash from their business places to financial institutions.

Those travelling are reminded to use designated drivers, who must obey the road signs and the speed limit and the drivers are cautioned to ensure that all the passengers are properly secured using seatbelts, car seats so that accidents can be avoided.

“We advised those going up county and abroad to plan early to avoid last minute hustles and unnecessary risks that can cost your life. For those remaining in busy urban areas make sure you move in groups and stick with friends at all times. Make sure your friends and relatives know where you are,” Mr. Enanga cautioned the public.

Other precautions the public have been advised to take include avoid wearing expensive jewels especially gold while traversing public spaces, do not leave expansive gifts and gadgets in cars and be mindful of their surroundings at all times. Avoid drink driving and avoid drinks unattended. Parents are advised to ensure all round protection and safety of children as well as moving with a fully charged phone.

“As police we have already beefed up security in different areas and we are going to increase the presence of security personnel. We are working with crime preventers in their respective communities and therefore we ask for public cooperation so that we can have a peaceful festive season,” he said.




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