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The police would like to clarify on an online story that is circulating claiming that the DPC Hoima was transferred due to political influence. We would like to dismiss the online story as false and misleading .

We would wish to inform the public, that the institution has a policy framework in place for transfers and postings of police officers to various posts. As such, a placement committee, whose end goal is to appraise and monitor the performance of all officers, whether competent or incompetent, was set up, to ensure all transfers and postings, are transparent and merit based.

The committee works independently and looks at features such as civil service values and code of ethics and conduct. Therefore, those who are attempting to bring propaganda in matters of our transfer and postings, must know that it is a prerogative of the placement committee, which should not be circumvented citing political influence.

The bye elections taking place in Hoima and Kabong are isolated policing events, out of the wider initiatives in place. They are being policed, based on a policing plan and not tagged to an individual. So far, the polling exercise is progressing well in both electoral areas, without any significant crime and safety concerns.

All in all, the appraisal and monitoring of all officers, is a key tool in our service delivery and development mandate. It also promotes clear linkages between the command and tactical levels; and helps us build on our achievements and also address shortcomings


CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police Force



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