Police Statement on Planned Political Activities

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This is to inform the public that the territorial police at Kampala Metropolitan Headquarters, is working with the organizers from the Alliance for National Transformation, who formally notified it of their plans to hold a promoters meeting on Tuesday, 21st, May 2019, at Nsambya and thereafter launch the Alliance for National Transformation, as a political party, on Wednesday, 22nd, May 2019, at the Serena International Conference Center.

The two parties held consultations in advance, on how best to effectively manage, the two events and ensure a proportionate policing response, which is essential to the success of the events, safety of the participants, spectators and minimal disruptions of other road users near the venues.

We want to welcome and assure the intending participants, that their safety at both events is guaranteed.  We would also like to praise the efforts of the organizers, for their peaceful engagement, towards addressing, their outstanding political issues, in a sincere, mature and sustained manner.

The police welcomes and encourages all individuals and organisations from any political affiliation that are willing to peacefully engage in their events to partner with it and jointly work within the provisions of the law.



CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

13th May 2019.

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