Police Spouses Empowered to Take Charge of Their Financial Future

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In a bid to promote financial independence and empowerment among police families, the Directorate of Chief Political Commissar organized a meeting with male police officers’ spouses to discuss finances and family welfare.

The meeting, that was held today 8th July, 2024 at Uganda Police Headquarters in Naguru, was attended by representatives from various barracks, SACCOS, and groups of police spouses. The Director Chief Political Commissar, SCP Ubaldo Bamunoba, led the discussion, which focused on promoting entrepreneurship and financial stability among police spouses.

SCP Ubaldo commended on the women leaders for their confidence, empowerment, and goal-oriented mindset. He expressed his commitment to support their initiatives, stating, “I will provide backing for those who face opposition while pursuing their legitimate endeavors.”

The meeting aimed to empower police spouses to take charge of their financial future and improve their families’ welfare. The women leaders appreciated the support and guidance, acknowledging that some police officers in the barracks have attempted to hinder their business efforts.

“This initiative is a testament to the Uganda Police Force’s commitment to empowering our police families, who are an integral part of our law enforcement community,” said SCP Ubaldo Bamunoba.

The event marked a significant step towards promoting financial independence and empowerment among police spouses, and is expected to have a positive impact on their families and the wider community.

By Jael Bukenya

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