Police Speaks Out on MTN Nyegenyege Event

Press Release

Uganda Police Force today held a security meeting with the organizers of the MTN Nyegenyege event scheduled to take place from 5th – 10th September 2018 at Nile Discovery Beach in Njeru Municipality and resolved that the festival should go as planned.

However, the meeting agreed that for an event of such magnitude, there are conditions that the organizers must fulfil before, during and after the festival. The conditions that were agreed upon by both parties are:

  1. The organizers shall provide to the Police a detailed program of the event to facilitate the deployment of the security personnel.
  2. There shall be no processions to and from the venue of the event.
  3. The Police shall provide security at the venue in addition to Tight Security, a private security firm contracted for the purpose by the event organizers. The Police will have unfettered access to the venue and all facilities used by the organizers anytime of the day or night.
  4. The purpose of the event is the promotion of culture, local music and tourism. The event therefore shall be held only in a manner consistent with the purpose.
  5. Accreditation at the venue shall be done by the Uganda Police Force in liaison with the event organizers.
  6. The organizers undertake to ensure that the event shall be accessed only by adults and will ensure that no person under the age of 18 years shall be allowed at the venue after 6pm. In event of doubt as to the age of a person perceived to be a child, production of evidence of age shall be mandatory.
  7. The organizers undertake to ensure that sanitation at the venue shall be sufficient for the 5,000 participants expected.
  8. The organizers undertake to ensure that first aid and other necessary medical requirements shall be put in place with clear areas of exit in case of emergency as well as fire escape route.
  9. The organizers undertake to provide guidelines at the entrance and in other strategic conspicuous points at the venue clearly prohibiting use of drugs, acts of homosexuality, open sex and any other act considered immoral or unacceptable by the culture of the people of Uganda.
  10. The parties agreed that security is of paramount importance and should the Police consider that the security measures in place are not adequate, the event shall be called off at the expense of the organisers.
  11. In the event of breach of any or a combination of the above conditions the government reserves the right to call off the event without notice.


SSP Emilian Kayima

Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police Force

5th September 2018


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