Police Speaks Out On Officers’ Arrests

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The Police have for the first time opened up on recent arrests of its senior officers.

While addressing the media at Police Headquarters in Naguru on Monday, AIGP Asan Kasingye confirmed that nine Police officers have been arrested.

“On the Nov. 2, 9 of our officers were arrested by the police flying squad unit to help in investigation of cocaine that went missing from Aviation Police in Entebbe Airport. Police got information at the time of destroying the exhibits that cocaine had been tampered with and some of it removed and replaced with obnoxious substance,” AIGP Kasingye said.

He explained that the arrests were prompted by a whistle blower. This, he said kicked off investigations in 2015 which investigation he revealed, unearthed that exhibits were indeed tampered with.

The investigations, according to Kasingye were carried out by Police Compliance Unit.

“Some of these investigations are scientific and so, reaching the bottom line of such a matter is not something to rush. It takes time,” he explained adding, “The arrested officers are still suspects. Nobody has condemned them. When we finish investigations, we shall get them charged because we believe they know something”

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