Police rescues15 year old juvenile from kidnappers

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A 15 year old pupil of Jinja Kawempe Primary School has been rescued after being lured by a couple as part of a complex plot organised with intent to kidnap.

Kawempe Police has rescued the 15-year-old victim on June 5th and arrested two suspects identified as Buyinja Kalisto a resident of Kaboowa and Mariam Nansubuga resident of Kiibe Kalerwe.

The suspects met the victim around Jinja Kaloli in Kawempe who seemed stranded and disguising to be having good luck charms.

The suspects convinced her to go home, carry all valuable belongings and come with them to Mattuga for luck charms to help her excel in school performance.

Following the recent school sensitization program on kidnaps,the victim decided to alert her family members and close neighbors.

As the suspects tried to secure the quickest means of transport ,were surrounded and beaten to a pulp by the angry mob.

Police was alerted by responsible citizens,rescued the suspects from the angry mob and taken to Kawempe Referral hospital for medical attention.

The suspects are currently being held at Kawempe Police Station pending arraignment before courts of law.

The DPC Kawempe Police Station ASP. Ronald Wotwali appreciated the locals for being key figures in the fight against crime, but condemned the acts of taking the law into their hands.

He urged them to to restrain from taking justice into their hands saying one might be found in the crime scene and just be a victim of circumstance, having not been involved in any way with the crime.

“Our work as police is to maintain law and order and not to deliver corpses to the mortuary.
Mob justice and other related heinous acts are punishable and may lead one to face the wrath of the law” he said.

Mob justice in many societies has been rampant and often results from public distrust of formal institutions especially courts and security agencies like the police and courts of law.

The genesis of mob justice world over is broken and corrupt systems however mob justice is not the way to go when solving crime for its retrogressive, inhumane, undermines the legal system,law enforcement agencies and above all it violates the protection of the fundamental human rights.

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