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In the SPY report, there was a malicious and misleading story, under the Headline “Tension at Police Headquarters Naguru as Newly Appointed IGP refused to sit in his predecessors office, Bans Press Conferences from Boardroom. The paper further alleged that the IGP shifted to the first floor of police headquarters, raising tension among police officer on the same premises, chased the Press Conferences from the main boardroom and allegedly questioned the relevance of secretaries.

All these are baseless allegations against the top police leadership. The  media outlet has been indulging in a sustained campaign of misinformation, to tarnish the reputation of the police, to purposely seek attention, in form of Blackmail. The public should be conscious about such media outlets, that thrive on wholly manufactured and orchestrated propaganda.

The police is a rule-bound institution with very strict administrative policies. Therefore, the new leadership will not be swayed by the orchestrated propaganda. As we conclude, we demand for the immediate withdrawal of the false, malicious and baseless media story, which is intended to negatively portray the leadership of the new team. Failure to do so, will lead to further criminal and civil sanctions against the media outlet.



SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

17th June 2024




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