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In the Spyreports of Monday, 4.05.2022, there was a false and malicious story under the headline ” Gen. Kandiho, police chiefs clash over Naguru security “. They added that ” A serious battle has erupted between Maj. General Abel Kandiho, who doubles as Joint Chief of Staff and top police chiefs over the Management of security at Police Headquarters in Naguru, Spyreports has exclusively learnt ”
We wish to strongly refute the false and malicious allegations on the security details and protocols at Police Headquarters. And further clarify to the Editors and journalists at Spyreports, that the security protocols at Police Headquarters, are conducted in accordance with the Rules and instructions for the protection of all facilities at Police Headquarters. It is multilayered and effectively supervised by the Commander Cantonment, from the Counter Terrorism Directorate. And his main objective is to proactively deter or eliminate any identified threats, risks and vulnerabilities at all Headquarters facilities, as well as Staff and visitors. He is aided by our Computerized surveillance system of cameras and alarms, other covert and overt teams, to intervene in any unauthorized activity at or within the vicinity of Police Headquarters. The details of which cannot be shared.
Regarding the safety and security of the top police leadership, an all round protective arrangement is carried out by VIPPU personnel from the Directorate of Counter Terrorism. They ensure the safety and security of their principals during escort, at the residence and while traveling within the country. They have the required skills and expertise in threat identification and prevention. All members of the top leadership have protective security teams. In addition to the above, any additional protective enhancements, maybe extended depending on our threat assessment. We are therefore, proud of the existing security protocols that have helped create a safe and secure working environment at Police Headquarters.
We are getting good public feedback on the stronger convergence and working relationship at the top, that has contributed to the delivery of our operational, investigative and intelligence products. We will therefore, continue with our joint collective efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the police.
The entire narrative of Spyreports and its conspirators, is false and baseless. We are however, not surprised by their style of reporting, which thrives on planted stories to harshly criticise institutions and individuals. This is a common smear tactic they profiteer from.
We however, encourage them to learn from other professional online media houses, which put time and effort, into research and the identification of competent and knowledgeable sources, rather than posting opinions from conspirators with personal bias.
We therefore, demand for the immediate withdrawal of the false and malicious media story, which has the potential of legal consequences.

CP Fred Enanga
Press and Public Relations Officer
Uganda Police

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