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The Territorial Police in KMP South conducted an intelligence led operation, in Nkere zone, Makindye Division, Kampala where 28 registration plates for motorcycles used in bodaboda and suspected stolen were recovered from the pit latrine of Kraish Balinda, who is on the run but wanted.

The registration plates include;

UEU 397L, UEX 372X, UEO 292X, UEM 480J, UER 819B, UEP 060Q, UEU 765L, UEU 218S, UER 333F, UET 358F, UER 222K, UEU 508P, UEQ 426K, UES 567X, UEJ 687J, UEL 503W, UDW 904T, UDZ522G, UEJ 340L, UET 609U, UEK 270W, UEB 539C, UEK 957P, UEL 688L, UEL 868Q, UEQ 073J, UEA 919J, UDV 347C.

The task team is trying to establish if the recovered exhibits are linked to a number of attacks on boda boda riders and robberies.  We have filled out PF 28 and submitted them to URA for particulars of the motorcycles.  We are also entering the registration plates in our CCTV system, to trace for the last locations and the riders identified from the footage. The motorcycles remain outstanding and are not recovered yet.

Our operations since last year indicate that motorcycles especially boda bodas are a lucrative business for criminals who steal and dismantle them.  We believe the suspect could be part of the gang which targeted and stole boda boda motorcycles. We would like to also issue a serious warning to mechanics and dealers who facilitate these crimes.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

27th Jan. 2020


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