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Police opens Hotlines and Complaints Desk for the Luwero by-electons

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During the by-elections today some complaints have been raised and hotlines to pick these complaints have been opened to the public. A complaints desk at the Luwero by-election command centre situated at the Luwero central police station has also been established.

The hotline at Wobulenzi town council is to handle Luwero town council, Luwero Sub County, Butuntumula Sub County, Wobulenzi town council and Katikamu Sub County. The hotline is 0414660048 it is operated by D/AIP Mwesigye

The hotline at Bombo Town council is to handle Bombo Town council, Nyimbwa Sub County and Kalagala Sub County. The hotline on 0414660038 it is operated by D/CPL Migade.

The hotline at Kikyusa Sub County is to coordinate bamunanika sub county, Kikyusa Sub County, Kamira Sub County and Zirobwe Sub County. The hotline is 0414660051. It is operated by D/AIP Agii

The hotline aat Makulibita sub county is to handle Makulubita Sub County. The hotline is 0414660053. It is coordinated by D/C Mulika.

These hotlines are aimed to promote more efficiency and effectiveness in promoting democracy and the rule of law during and after the by-election. The police looks forward to attending to any concerns raised through the hotlines and the complaints desk.


Polly Namaye
Ag. ACP Press and Public Relations
Deputy PRO


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