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The Territorial police at Rwizi Region in Mbarara has suspended 4 of its officers, who caused a public nuisance act, after they barged into the wedding reception at Kakyika Technical Institute, on the 20.08.2022, and arrested the bride at around 8pm, on a sanctioned charges of theft of Ugx. 8 million. They drove her to the police station in Mbarara, where she was detained.

The facts gathered indicate that on the 06.07.2022, a one Mirembe Henry, the former employer of the bride called, Christine Natuhwere, who was working for him as a bank agent, for Centenary Bank, at BNK building, high street in Mbarara city, opened a case of theft of Ugx. 8 million against her. The matter was investigated and the case file submitted to the Resident State Attorney, Mbarara on the 18.07.2022, who advised the parties to seek a civil remedy. However, on the 5.08.2022, the file was called by the Regional DPP, following a petition from the complainant. He re-perused the casefile and sanctioned the charges of the theft against the suspect on the 11.08.2022. The casefile was returned to police on 19.08.2022.

It is alleged that the following day of 20.08.2022, the officers in collusion with the complainant, caused a public nuisance act, after they barged into the wedding reception at Kakyika Technical Institute, in Mbarara North Division at 8pm and arrested the bride. They placed her in the complainant’s vehicle and drove her to the police, where she was detained. The arrest was disgraceful in front of the groom, family, friends, guests and in-laws. It turned out that what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life ended in a night mare.

Although it’s a duty of an officer, to effect arrest and produce suspects in court, over sanctioned criminal charges, in this very matter, the action of the officers was reprehensible and based on poor judgement. The Regional Police Commander, Rwizi, upon learning about the incident, instructed for the immediate release of the bride, and extended apologies to the bride, the groom, family, in-laws, friend, guests and the church which wedded them. In addition, he caused for the suspension of the 4 officers, who included; Sgt Richard Ngabirano, DC Adio Caroline, DC Muganyizi Atugonza and DC Ayesiga Morris and further charged them for discreditable conduct, which upon conviction, warrants a dismissal from the force. So far, one suspect, Sgt. Ngabirano Richard is arrested and in custody, while the other 3 officers are still in hiding, but efforts are in place to have them arrested and charged accordingly.

The leadership of the police has condemned the actions of the officers, for their roles, indicative of possible conspiracy undertaken with the complainant, to disgrace the bride. We continue to advocate for the highest professional standards from every officer and to remind them that any member who fails to uphold the values of the UPF, will face appropriate disciplinary action.




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