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Police Launches Construction of Staff Apartments

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The Hon. Minister of state for Internal Affairs Hon. Kania Obiga has today 27th September 2016, launched the construction of over 1020 housing units for lower ranking officers located on plots 2-96 along Katalima road Naguru.

While presiding over the ground breaking ceremony organized at police headquarters Naguru, as part of a series of police week activities, the minister said that the focus here begins with housing.

“The police has now become an attractive force to render service to our country. We have graduates who are engineers, Doctors, so it is only necessary that government comes in to address these issues of housing these men and women. That is what we are doing today to solve these issues such that they (police) can perform their duties more than they used to do”, Said Hon. Obiga.

The Hon. Minister and the Inspector General of Police participated in building the corner stone for the proposed staff apartments at Naguru.

He added that the next government target is to make sure that schools are either situated in or near police barracks so that officers’ children can easily get the required education.

He commended officers for enduring harsh working conditions silently while other groups of people go on roads to demonstrate about how their rights are abused. He gave an example of a police man who stands on the road directing people while receiving insults yet he persists and works.

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura said that construction is going to be done by the police construction unit which has been constructing different structures for the force across the country.

Gen. Kale added that the money for construction will be got from police budget where already 11billion capital development budget has been got to start construction. This will be done in partnership with Hima cement who will supply police with all the required cement.

The ground breaking ceremony was graced by the Hon. Minister of State for Internal affairs Hon. Kania Obiga, the Inspector General of Police Gene. Kale Kayihura, Directors of the Uganda Police Force, heads of departments among others.

This comes as police starts a week long celebrations dubbed the police week due to be celebrated on the 3rd October 2016, under the theme: Monitoring, evaluation, rectification and building the Uganda Police Force.

The Uganda Police Force celebrated 100 plus years since the inception of the force on the 3rd October 2014. it is from then that every 3rd of October will be celebrated as police day.






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