Police Issues Security Guidelines for Tuesday 25th Buganda Coronation Celebrations.

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On Monday, KMP commander CP Moses Kafeero issued guidelines that are going to be followed by the people who will be attending the 25th coronation celebrations of the Kabaka of Buganda His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi the Second.

Kafeero said police has concluded and established security rings within and outside the palace where the celebrations will be held.

Kafeero said that

“As majority of the people you have been aware that tomorrow is an important day we are going to deploy officers both in uniforms & without uniforms, we have been having several meetings with sister security agencies and expect  a very peaceful function”.Kafeero said

He called upon members of the public to report any suspicious characters or objects like people putting on heavy jackets, abandoned bags.

He urged the public to report any security threatening character to the police or security personnel.

In addition, Kafeero said the police deployed its medical services including ambulance services


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