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The Directorate of CID is actively fast tracking 4 cases of Aggravated Defilement, against 5 girl victims, that occurred in 4 separate jurisdictions. The first incident of a double Aggravated Defilement, was reported to the police at Lwengo, on the 28.09.2022, at around 1pm, after a video of a female juvenile, who was allegedly defiled by her uncle, went viral on many social media platforms. The facts gathered reveal that the suspect, a one Bulunga John, started defiling the 12-year-old victim and her sibling, since 2020 till September 2022, when the mother of the victims, caught him red handed, while defiling her daughter in an abandoned house at Kikonge village, Kkingo sub-county in Lwengo district. She took courage and recorded a video of the suspect and victim and shared it on TV stations and various social media platforms. A maroon cloth suspected to have used at the scene was recovered. The two victims are now under the care and better management of the SGBV department at CID Headquarters. The suspect was tracked down and arrested while in hiding at his mother’s home in Nkalwe village, Kiganda parish, Kkingo sub-county in Lwengo district, and in custody. His mother, called Nakakande, was also arrested for threatening to harm or injure her daughter-in-law, Nakaweesi Juliet, who is the complainant, and for harbouring a wanted suspect.

In another development, the Territorial Police in Nabilatuk, has in custody, the Headteacher of Lolachat Seed Secondary School, in Lolachat sub-county in Nabilatuk, for the Aggravated Defilement, of his 15-year-old, sister-in-law, a pupil of Lolachat Primary School. The suspect, identified as Huhya Lazarus, a 45-year-old, Headteacher started defiling the victim during the month of July, 2022, after his wife, Loitakori Margret left the victim to stay with him, while attending her Primary School. It is unfortunate that she was impregnated by the suspect, (her brother-in-law), who gave her Ugx 200,000/=, to abort. The police got wind of the information and arrested the suspect.

The third incident of Aggravated Defilement, allegedly occurred in Lira City, on the 26.09.2022, where a one Ogwang Martin Luther, a 72-year-old, Chairman LCI of Blue Corner South, Lira City West, was arrested for the alleged defilement of a 17-year-old, female juvenile.

The police in Katakwi, also has in custody, a one Okumu Emmanuel, after he was caught red handed, in the room of a 12-year-old girl victim, by her parents, on the 26.09.2022, at around 6am, at Damasiko village, Kapujan parish, in Katakwi district. He was arrested and taken to Apapai police.


The incidents above clearly reveal the threats and dangers, that girl victim’s still face, by persons who are supposed to teach them how to go about life and serve as a role models. Such acts of abuse of the girl victims is a betrayal of trust and exploitation by guardianslike teachers, uncles, neighbours and LCs, who instead of protecting the girl children, took advantage of them.


We would like to thank the victims and their parents for their bravery in reporting acts of sexual violence to police. We remain committed to investigating these acts and will ensure the perpetrators are charged to court. All these cases are being fast tracked by the SGBV department. We also continue to urge the public and local leaders to take keen interest, in the well-being of girl victims, especially those in vulnerable settings.



SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

3rd October 2022

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